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Complete Day Wise Date Sheet Of Valentine Week List 2019 Calendar Schedule

Complete Day Wise Date Sheet Of Valentine Week List 2019 Calendar Schedule: As we all known just a few days are left for the celebration of the biggest love week of the year. Yes, you all heard it right from 7th February to 14th February Valentine’s Week starts. This week of love is celebrated by couples who are in love and this is the time when lovebirds show love and affection to their loved ones. We realize you all are keen to know about the Valentine Week listing and dates. Your seek is over due to the fact we have given all the data that you need, on this internet site. Simply bookmark this page or percentage it on Twitter, FB and Google Plus to spread out the affection on social networks. Please proportion your lovely thoughts and your love testimonies as nicely. Now below enjoy Valentine Week List 2019.

Valentine Week List 2019

7th February 2019 (Thursday): Rose Day

8th February 2019 (Friday): Propose Day

9th February 2019 (Saturday): Chocolate Day

10h February 2019 (Sunday): Teddy Day

11th February 2019 (Monday): Promise Day

12th February 2019 (Tuesday): Hug Day

13th February 2019 (Wednesday): Kiss Day

14th February 2019 (Thursday): Valentine Day

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Some more other days  after Valentines Day:

15th February 2019: Slap Day

16th February 2019: Kick Day

17th February 2019: Perfume Day

18th February 2019: Flirting Day

19th February 2019: Confession Day

20th February 2019: Missing Day

21st February 2019: Break Up

Valentine Week List Day Wise

Rose Day:

Valentine Week begins with a Rose Day. On 7th Feb Rose Day is celebrated. On Rose Day, lovers greet every other with lovely, red crimson roses. Take your companion to the romantic dinner or ship greeting cards to a mystery lover. Celebrate this rose with everyone you love it does not matter you have a bf or gf. Give roses to your loved ones an make them feel special.

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rose day 2019

Rose Day 2019

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Propose Day:

On the Propose Day, you can advocate the woman/boy that you have a overwhelm on. This is a popular day to announce love, propose marriage to your associate and give presents like cards or flora. On this day peoples are free to propose with a rose or ring, and the proposed person may deny it, but is not to have any hard feelings on it, thus making it a fearless propose day. Go ahead and open your heart on this day, and propose to him/her. 8th February is marked for the day.

Propose Day 2019

Propose Day 2019

Chocolate Day:

Feb 9 is devoted to the sweets, Woo your lady friend or wife/accomplice with the Swiss chocolate and a pleasant card. Chocolate Day is everyone’s favorite day as everyone likes to get and gift the bunch of chocolates to their loved ones, friends, valentines.

Chocolate Day 2019

Chocolate Day 2019

Teddy Day:

Time if you want to ship a teddy that ‘bears’ your love on your wife/accomplice, buddies and cherished ones. Girls just like the teddy endure very lots, and that they constantly maintain them in their bedroom with proper reminiscences. And it is celebrated on 10th Feb.

Teddy Day 2019

Teddy Day 2019

Promise Day:

11th February is the day to celebrate Promise Day with your loved once. A strong promise reflects your love towards that person and also make your relationship stronger. Love comes with masses of responsibilities, commitments & promises. Make a few new guarantees and try to fulfill vintage ones to concrete your relationship. “Promise little and do much.”

Promise Day 2019

Promise Day 2019

Hug Day:

Hug your companion or pal tightly. Hugs are an essential expression of affection. simply take it sluggish and steady and display your partner which you love, care and assist him/her. Shower your hugs, in a way, so that they are remembered for some time. And remember, the more hugs you give, the better. Shower ’em, baby! 12th February is marked for the day.

Hug Day 2019

Hug Day 2019

Kiss Day:

Kiss Day is the sixth day of Valentine week, kiss your girl friend or a person passionately to explicit your love. Remember to kiss her forehead too, for it signifies care and responsibility. And ladies, you can take the plunge and totally surprise your mate by showering a hot, wet kiss right on his lips! And don’t forget to eat some mouth freshener!

Kiss Day 2019

Kiss Day 2019

Valentine Day:

Here we involve the unique day, i.e. Valentine Day, display your love in your companion, spend time with them. Eat, Drink – do something you need to do to cause them to happy. The long awaited valentines day arrives after 7 days with full anticipation and joy. Since, you have been waiting for this day to celebrate, make it more memorable with gifts, surprises, tours and gestures of love. Make this unique day a memorable moment of your life. This day of love is celebrated on 14th Feb.

Valentine Day 2019

Valentine Day 2019

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